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Dr. Madan Kumar

Dr. Madan Kumar is a BHMS with distinction. He also has a Bakson homoeopathic medical college. As a Internship, he was among the top few in both academic accomplishments as well as extra curricular activities.

Her patients recognize her as a tolerant listener and compassionate doctor. he uses multi disciplinary approach of homeopathy and other complementary therapies to treat the 'whole' person.

he takes time to listen to her patients and encourages them to take an active role in the healing process. She addresses each patient as a unique whole, taking all aspects of their lives into consideration.Recognized as an expert in solving complex cases of skin, infertility. Dr. Madan kumar line of treatment includes her own special preparations and medicines. he enjoys the challenges presented by each new chronic patient she treats.

Dr. Madan Kumar says that homeopathic treatment offers the most safe and natural solution to chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, abdominal, skin and psychiatric disorders. She further adds, "Those who prefer quick relief through allopathy and surgery live only HALF LIFE; adopt homeopathy for permanent improvement in your constitution, and enjoy FULL LIFE; difference is most prominent AFTER FORTY."

Our Goals

We are doing just that, with the help of the world’s leading medical experts. We are connecting people who have a personal health challenge with those who can best address it.


We are removing the burden of uncertainty from patients’ shoulders and creating a personal, compassionate and comprehensive way to ensure that people get the best possible medical advice.


In healthcare today, much of the emphasis is placed on getting answers quickly. We are singularly focused on getting it right – at a time when right has never been needed more.

Our Super Specialities

Specialty in India is dedicated to providing specialized care to patients, delivering top of the line Homeopathic treatments based on extensive research. When credibility, excellence, trust & care goes a long way, that's when the moments are celebrated like completing a three decade of being in existence. Brightening the lives of many patients, welcoming new lives into this world, building stories of hope and care and so much more.